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Reporting Services, Report Builder and Forms Authentication

Thank god I found this link:

I stumbled upon the same problem which is described there: Report Builder used to freeze when using Forms Authentication and using Report Builder 2.0.

As it turned out, the Report Builder does not send the authentication cookie with each request. Because of this, the authentication extension returned a object moved error, but the Report Builder 2.0 did not treat it in any way. Making sure that we return null as mentioned in the blog, the extension throws an exception (visible in the Report Server log files), but the Report Builder 2.0 works as expected.


Additional notes: I created the custom security extension based on the steps described here:!Security%20Extension%20Sample&referringTitle=Home

Besides what’s described there, I think I also gave change rights to NETWORK SERVICE for

c:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\Temporary ASP.NET Files\

and in AuthenticationUtilities.cs, I changed the following line:


   1: string fullWmiNamespace = @"\\" + machineName + string.Format(wmiNamespace, "RS_" + instanceName);


Now everything seems to work properly using Forms Authentication on Reporting Services!


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