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Migrating from old notebook to new notebook

Yesterday I tried to migrate from Toshiba Satellite L300 to L500. I made some plans, did some research and noticed it will take a lot of time to reinstall and to migrate the settings from all Applications I have installed (in Add/Remove Programs I have 350 items!). So I searched for a tool to automate this process and found PCmover. Installed it on both notebooks, both notebooks runnging on Windows7, started migrating everything through network and left it running, while continuing work normally on the old notebook. After 12 hours it finished migrating everything (50GB, compressed to about 20GB) and I was surprised of how much it managed to do on its own. There were problems with the settings of some programs (like Total Commander Ultima Prima, Firefox and Visual Studio), but I was very happy with the results. Also, everything I did after starting the migration process was not migrated (like chat history and settings I changed during the migration took place).

I also found out a good tip: make sure that on the new computer there are no installed programs. PCmover did not manage (or intentionally didn’t) upgrade the settings for the already installed apps.

Finally I erased everything from the new notebook and sticked to the old one, because it has a taller screen, a nicer keyboard (without the num pad) and because… well, I’m to used to the old one and the performance improvement I would have gained was not worth the trouble.

But nonetheless, PCmover is something I would recommend!


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