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Living on the Internet

Not surprisingly, from a movie like The Social Network one memorable quote on IMDB is:

We lived on farms, then we lived in cities, and now we’re going to live on the internet!

Actually, there’s much truth behind this quote. I mean I work in front of the computer 6+ hours per day. With peaks of around 12 hours per day. That’s between a quarter and a half of day. And that everyday (except maybe weekends, but sometimes, like right now, I spend time using the computer in weekends too)! Of course, this is because my job is IT oriented and it involves intensive computer-based activities. At times when I used to write code at my job, I worked with the computer a lot more. But the activities were not that much “socially” oriented. Now my activity is more oriented to communication. On an average day, I receive about 70 emails and send out about 35. I actively chat with my colleagues via different IM tools (mainly Office Communicator, Yahoo Messenger and Skype). In my Outlook Conversation History folder I have about 50 conversations daily (and that’s only what the Office Communicator is saving).

My point is that my daily activity is very much based on, relies on and is influenced by the Internet.  It’s probably the same for my fellow programmers and co-workers. So, yes, we’re going to live on the Internet – and actually living right now.


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