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I have developed software applications for about 14 years. I have written code in Pascal, PHP, C++, C#. I used VCL, MFC, ASP.NET, WinForms.

I always wanted to do a little bit more than just writing code. My goal was to manage projects and to be in charge of the whole aspects of a software’s life cycle. Fortunately, my current employer offered me the chance to advance from being just a developer to being team leader, then project manager and then site manager. This all happened in a relatively short time: about 4 years. Now I can proudly say I have reached my goal!

But my professional life changed a lot in this time. I have a lot of different tasks to do now. Talk to customers, talk to clients, talk to employees. Take part on meetings, do interviews, coordinate activities of different departments, go on business trips. Have an overview on all active projects of the site. Coordinate and manage difficult projects. Be informed on latest technologies and development methodologies.

Compared to my activities I had 4 years ago, what I do now can be seen as a complete turn-around (although I still have days when I spend 8-9 hours in front of my computer). Thinking about my new activities, I can say I really enjoy them all. I like doing all those new things. I like talking to people, I like managing projects, I like having administrative meetings or development meetings. I like meeting new people at hiring interviews. I like knowing and understanding the problems of running a business in the software branch.

But I also like writing code!

Writing code has been always something I enjoy. Although I’m most certainly not the best programmer, I find a lot of pleasure writing code. Having had some time to look at other people’s code, I think I also found out how to be a better programmer. Now I definitely understand topics like Scrum, TDD, Dependency Injection, Inversion of Control, Refactoring, Design Patterns, Unit Testing a lot better. I’m pretty sure that I became a better programmer by not programming. By reading about this topics, by implementing them in the projects I manage, by seeing the benefits of them, the urge to write code is even bigger now. Doing a code review always makes me want to just check the file out and start refactoring code! But I have to force myself not to write code, and instead suggest to other developers how they should write better code.

So how will my job look like in 10-20 years? Will the CodingPleasure go away? Will I still have the desire to write code?

To remind myself about the coding pleasure, I named my blog CodingPleasure. The name of the blog is also a word-play to Jeff Atwood’s CodingHorror. Many thanks, CodingHorror, for your truly inspiring blog!