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Failed Apps

When I wrote my previous post (Cracking Password-Protected ZIP Files – The Smart Way) I realized that “I HAD TO download WinZip”. Something I wouldn’t have normally done.

This is because I stopped using WinZip a while ago. Because of several reasons, but mainly because it became a really commercial app. It was not difficult to replace it: the alternative 7-Zip is all you could ever need from an archive manager, I think! Its fast, small, understands a lot of compression formats, integrates into Windows explorer, etc. And it is free! Really free:

You can use 7-Zip on any computer, including a computer in a commercial 
    organization. You don't need to register or pay for 7-Zip.

But WinZip isn’t the only program I replaced during time:

and probably much more. But all have something in common: they became commercial and now came bundled with a lot of features and other programs I really don’t need. WinZip has a 19 MB download package!!! 7-zip is just 1MB!

Another program which I replaced 2 month ago was Firefox. I replaced it with Google Chrome because Google Chrome is insanely fast on my notebook. It starts faster than any other program I have, even Notepad++ 🙂 Firefox might have been of course altered with all my installed add-ons (which I actually miss in Chrome), but nonetheless, Chrome seems faster in any aspect of web browsing.

So I have at least two reasons for replacing an app:

1. the application and its setup should only serve the application’s initial purpose and

2. speed in all its aspects (download time, installation time, start-up time, functionality speed).

Are there any other reasons why an application would FAIL and be replaced with another?